Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pictures, pictures, pictures...

Well throughout last week I was busily (is that a word?) working on getting things together so I could leave on Friday first to check on my dad who was having his knee operated on in Payson (he is doing great!), then off to a photography workshop. I have always loved to take pictures and think that I was taking great pictures, but up until now I knew nothing (or just a bit), but I came away from the workshop feeling that I could be a professional. It was so AWESOME! I learned a ton about my camera and what to look for while taking every single picture. They say that it all becomes second nature, but as for now I am feeling a little overwhelmed. Hopefully, I can practice, practice, practice and become a pro on my camera. I hope that my kiddos are ready for this and I am going to have to get more walls in my house for all I have planned. I had a great time at the clinic and hope to be able to use the information and apply it! These are a few pictures I took while I was there...Holly lives in a great neighborhood and in the evening had set up four families to be ready for 25 amateur photographers to take their pictures. The children were all great, we just walked around to different houses taking pictures of them. Did I mention that I loved it!!!

Big...big thanks to my extraordinaire husband for watching the kids so I could go. They always love it when he "babysits" because it's a big, huge party!!!

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