Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Am a Child of God...

is my favorite Primary song as well as this years' theme in Primary. Our ward had our Sacrament Meeting Program on Sunday. It was really, really good! The girls each had a speaking part as well as a song that they sang with their class as part of the program. I am glad that my girls have the opportunity to learn from great teachers and leaders in Primary. They have testimonies of where we came from, what we should be doing here on this earth, and where we are going. They each know that they are a special child of God. THANK YOU to all who have helped in teaching my children...they love going to Primary and learning about the gospel! Also thanks for all of the hard work that went into putting the program together (I know how crazy it can be)...it was perfect!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Haws GIRLS Basketball Team...

here we come! We are having our 5th baby girl, just enough to fill a complete basketball team. We are really excited! I got an ultrasound on Tuesday and everything looks good with the babe. I love dressing up my little dolls, especially when they are newborns...pink outfits with big bows on their heads...cute, cute, cute!!! We continue to pray that everything will go well with the baby, I still have my moments of nervousness, but I know that everything works out the way the Lord has planned.

So exciting...

to learn to write. Everyday when Mk & K are doing homework Ry always says, "what do I have for homework?" Well they have been working on writing their name in preschool, so I usually say write your name and some letter. The other day she said, "Mom will you take my picture when I write my name?" So I did. She is at the stage when they get excited for learning the little things. Fun times!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Gooseberry Patch comes through again...

with their Peachy Cinnamon Jam. I had some peaches that I needed to do something with. I was going to freeze some, but then I thought of making some peach jam??? I was searching the Internet and this recipe caught my eye. I haven't ever made jam before so I tried it and WOW it is sooo yummy! I have the recipe on my sidebar for those of you that want to try. It was actually pretty easy and well worth it in the end!

Monday, September 8, 2008

My BIG excuse...

why I haven't been keeping up on my blog...two more little feet will be part of our family in February! I have mixed emotions...extremely nervous and excited! Both my heart doctor and my OB seem to be in good spirits, and I feel at peace, so I trust in Heavenly Father and know everything will work out the way it's suppose to!

My first ultrasound...see the two little upside down feet...cute!

We love Baby Braxton and talk about him often, we are so glad that he is part of our eternal family! My friend, Nancy, told me that the other day she was dropping her son off for school and she was at the Kindergarten playground and had her baby in a snuggler. K was talking to her and rubbing Ty's feet, and she said, "I love his tiny feet, I think that is how Baby Braxton's feet would be." K is so sensitive and tells me often that she misses Baby Braxton and she always prays that we will be good so that we can live with him again.

This was a little momento that the nurses at the hospital did for me of Braxton's
handprints and footprints...I am so glad that I have it...he was so perfect!

Another thought...I use to get irritated when people would say, "hormonal", but boy I am feeling it after six pregnancies, and I don't like NOT being in control of myself. I can blame my actions on being "hormonal"! I am finally feeling better after a yucky summer of feeling tired and nauseous, with no ambition to do anything. I usually feel better around 14 weeks, but it took a little longer this time, I am now 18 weeks with lots of doctors appointments ahead of me!

Here is a funny...Mk hit the nail on the head before we even told the girls. She said, "Mom, are you pregnant?" And I said, "No, why?" Mk, "Because you kind of look like it and you don't bend down to get stuff anymore!" I guess she has gotten use to what life is like when I'm pregnant!

Friday, September 5, 2008

"It's my LUCKY DAY"...

is the first thing K said this morning as I woke her up. I said why? She said with duh written all over her face..."Kate's". Today is the first day she gets to go to a friend's house after school. She was so excited to go play like a big kid. I try to remember the funny things my kids do to keep life interesting!

M is for MOM...

K has been working on letter "M" at school and the other day they had a Mom & M&M day where the mom's come in and help the kids work on patterns using M&M's then they get to eat lunch with their little kindergartener. It was a fun morning! The next day K brought home this little book she had made M is for MOM where it has open-ended statements for the child to fill in.

My mom helps me clean my room.

My mom makes cupcakes for me.

My mom is happy when it is springtime.

My mom loves me!

I was especially laughing at the laundry page, because in all actuality that is the one thing that I HATE! I wonder if she really believes that I like it. I have a sticker in my laundry room that says, "When I said I DO...I didn't mean laundry." I love the innocence of little children, it's so neat to reflect on what their little brains really think!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

When We're Helping, We're Happy...

as we were at the annual Labor Day Wood Haul! I didn't do too much, but the girls sure were good helpers that day! They worked and worked! Ry wasn't feeling to well, but managed to pick up a piece or roll a stump down the mountain every now and then. That is one thing that my parents instilled in me is don't be afraid of hard work and I hope to pass that on to my girls!

Totally K...pink shirt and a pink {floppy} hat to haul wood...

Mk just stayed in there and helped the entire time...

Ry not feeling so hot...

B coming down the hill with her wood...

Service with a smile...

Do two year olds have dreams???

YEP!!! B came into my bedroom and we had this little conversation at 3 am.

B: Mom, there is a real dog outside.
Mom: What???
B: There is a real dog outside and it's looking through my window.

She wasn't crying or anything, so I layed her in bed with me and when we got up the next morning I was walking ahead of her and when she got to her door she said with the most serious face, "mom come here. The dog was looking in that window {pointing to the west window}." So I acted concerned and we looked out the window...no dog.

As I was getting Mk's hair done I was telling her what had gone on that morning and she started laughing, so when B came in she asked her about it and found out that it was a nice, white dog! Then I told her that when my sister was little she had a dream that an elephant came into her room and gave her a sucker, so we had to call her an laugh about that story! FUN TIMES...I hope that we remember these little funny stories and can bring them up every now-and-then while the kids are growing up!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ry is on top of the world...

now that she gets to go to school. I was really counting Ry getting into the preschool that K went to last year, and was very disappointed when she didn't get in. So I looked around for somewhere that Ry could go to preschool. I finally found one and she was so excited about her first day of school. I didn't even think to take pictures of that morning, but she had her backpack and was all ready for the big day!