Friday, September 25, 2009

New pics of the girls...

in their Round Valley Elks attire and the new bows that Abbi helped me create!!!

I had heard that the leaves had started changing over the mountain, so we drove to the Snowbowl turn off looking for the oranges and reds...I don't think they are quite there yet, cause all we saw were slightly yellowing. Maybe next week!

Monday, September 21, 2009

The guys are away...

the girls decide to play! I called my sister, Abbi, to see if we could come and have a sleepover at her house on Friday night since her husband was going to be in Chinle and R was working nights. Abbi's little girl, Riann, always has the CUTEST bows in her hair. I have always loved them but felt overwhelmed with making them, thinking I had to make some five times as many. I wanted to have some cute "black & gold" for the girls to wear to the games, so I decided to learn...I think I'm hooked! She helped me make all them!

Friday night, we went to Wal-Mart to find ribbon, came home and made Grits Casserole {ooohhh ya!} for dinner, then made Shweaty-balls...yum, and made ribbons, ribbons, and more ribbons. I didn't think I would ever get it, but now I've got it...the two part ribbon anyway!

Saturday evening Abbi & Dustin were going to go to a get-together with some friends and were going to take some Marshmallow Balls. We decided that it would be easier to melt the marshmallows in the microwave than on the stove. We got it all ready and put them in for 4 minutes. We were doing other things and Abbi said, "it's melting my bowl!!!" So I opened the microwave and went to get the bowl out and stuck my pinkie finger through the plastic bowl into the HOT carmel, dropped the bowl after dropping some carmel on my arm. Aaaahhh, that hurts! I have the hugest blister on my finger and it is numb...I'm sure I did tissue damage!

Anyways, thanks Ab for letting us crash at your house for a few days, even if K barfed all over your Living Room. I love the are AWESOME!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

From a great-great grandma's hands...

now H gets to wear them. When I got married my mom gave me a bunch of my little dresses from when I was little, some baby quilts that were given to me when I was born, and a few other sentimental items. One of them were these cute little booties. I'm not sure which of my great grandma's (Angie or Tice) made these particular booties, because I have two pair out of the same yarn, just a little different pattern on each. I put H in them for church and my MIL said you need to take a picture of that. Glad that I did!

I was fortunate to have known three of my four sets of great grandmas. They were all such great women. Grandma Allie Lines...such a great example, was a single-mother (her husband was killed when a horse kicked him and she was pregnant with their youngest daughter). She was a very hard worker taking care of and raising her many children. Grandma Angie Alder..."trip-trap, trip-trap who's walking over my bridge?" is what comes to mind as I think of her. In her house we would enter through the kitchen and she and grandpa could hear when someone was walking, because of their wood floors. Another thought was when we would do something to help them out they would give us money and we would put it in our glass jar behind the "television" to save for our schooling at BYU {wonder where that $$$ went?} She loved to make bread and give it away, even when her hands were very sore with arthritis. Grandma Tice..."dynamite comes in small packages!" is what she would always tell me because she was way shorter than me, however I was one of the shortest grandkids. I loved her bright, white hair...that was really hers. She was a great cook, and was able to cook for a tribe when the whole family would be at round-up together for a week.

I am so glad that I had this chance to reflect on my great grandmothers. They were such awesome ladies! I am proud to be apart of their heritage, and to have been aquainted with them here on this earth!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

How long is YOUR tongue...

Ha-ha's is this long!

I have been so blessed with such a great baby! At almost eight months, H is...rolling over, scooting on the back of her head like an inchworm (just like Mk use to do), laughing and actually screaming with excitement when one of the girls come into the room. She is such a happy little girl...she sure makes our home fun!