Friday, January 22, 2010

Super Storm...

2010! Well we got the biggest storm in Arizona that one of the meteorologists had seen in 35 years. Thursday, we got a total of about 4-6 inches, then it rained and melted it off, then came the hammer! We got about 10-12 inches, Thursday night. This week we had MLK day, 2-hour delay, 2-hour delay, what a week!

The girls had been waiting to build a snowman, so finally we went out and built one. We kinda cheated and packed buckets to build our rounds, used rocks for the eyes, ears, & buttons, celery for the arms, and a nice baby carrot for the nose, and one of dad's camo hats for the magical hat. Isn't she cute?? Then we came in for some toasty hot chocolate.

As we were building our snowman, it started sleeting with a breeze and I told R this is why I don't ski, because when I went this is what it did, so that's what I associate with skiing. He said that we will have to go on a good day to change by outlook. I am kind of excited for the adventure!

Here is a picture of our gangsta-snowman, gangsta-dad, and gangsta-sisters! Thanks for the fun girls!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ha-ha's first...

piggy-tails!!! She wasn't real happy to have them, but happy day...two curly, little, piggies!