Monday, April 28, 2008

Thanks for the memories...

Tomorrow is our 9th Anniversary. Yes, I am so grateful to be happily married for nine years...but dang it R I want my prize tonight. I am getting a new camera for our anniversary, Mother's Day, and my B-day...all within 3 weeks...poor Robert! I have always loved taking pictures, and I love the look of homemade pictures. I love the natural settings instead of studio pictures, so watch out girls...start smilin'!

Remember the perm-a-smile day? Mine seems just like just the other day. Robert...thanks for rushing down from Flagstaff to Mesa after class on your motorcycle the day we got married and forgetting your wedding ring, but remembering mine...Uncle Scott bailed him out. Thanks for the sacrifice of getting married the week before finals. Thanks for the thoughtful roses on the bed at the hotelroom. Thanks for reminding me of the white cake episode oh so often. Thanks for biting into the apple for pictures. I loved my wedding day...the receptions...I have no regrets!!!

I really am so very thankful that I have R in my life. We have been through alot in the past 9 years, but in the last 5 1/2 months we have grown closer than we have the previous 8 1/2 years. I never would have guessed that something so tragic could strengthen a marriage so much, so many testimony builders and relationship strengtheners (is that a word?)! I am so thankful that we are an eternal family and that we will have Baby Braxton in the eternities. Robert...I love you with all of my heart and am thankful that you are my best friend, the father of my children, and my confidant! I am thankful for your example and caring for people around you. I am thankful for your wit, your sense of humor, and keeping things light in life. I am thankful for your knowledge of the gospel and its principles and for teaching me things that I have questions about. You are wonderful in so many ways! I love you forever...for always...and no matter what! ~Marci

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Long awaited...

Heidi-my sis-called today and wanted to know how to set up her blog. I started it for her the same time I started mine...JANUARY. She's had alot on her plate...pregnant with #4 (3rd pregnancy), working full-time, and taking care of her three little boys. Well now that she's home for awhile hopefully she can get the hang of this bloggy thing and continue. I'm kind of a nosetta so I love reading about people's daily life and seeing pictures of their little families, especially when we are far away. Come on Heid...get your twins' pictures updated and keep bloggin'.

Another reason the church is AWESOME...

is the encouragement of getting a years supply. By clicking on the title of this post you can view a recent email I received stating that they have started food rationing. The food preparation specialist in our ward has really been getting me excited to start getting the things I need to be prepared. Just in the past few months I have gotten some of the necesseties to sustain life in an emergency. It is scary to live in this time when food rationing could go into effect here. I am thankful for prophets and those who lead and guide us to be in tune to the Spirit and get things we need to get through these disasters. Love you all and get prepared!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Berry, Berry Yummy...

Ice Cream. It's warming up, so one of my cravings is saltines dipped in homemade ice cream (no-it's not a pregnant craving). I know I'm weird, but try it, it is good! We made it yesterday for the luncheon, although we didn't let it freeze long enough so it was a smoothie instead, it was still yummy. Check out the new recipe...Ben & Jerry's Berry Ice Cream!

Busy, busy week...

This week has been so crazy and full that I haven't even had a moment to post anything, so here it goes.

Monday evening...Brother Allred called while R was at class and said to have him call back ASAP. I immediately called him because on Sunday they read a letter stating that next Sunday we would be getting a new bishopric...oh know??? R called him and he said the Stake President wants to meet with you and Marci. Needless to say Monday night was a rather restless night!

Don't remember what day this was but the girls had a coloring book on the ottoman and everyone was coloring...getting along!

Tues...yep, he was called to be the 2nd counselor in our new bishopric. He felt very inadequate, but I know that he will do a great job. He loves the youth, he loves to be involved, and he loves to talk...he'll be great, right!?! Meanwhile he was missing his basketball game, so all his buddies kept teasing him about being called into the bishopric, he told them, "No it was actually just to set M apart." It worked out perfect. I actually was getting set apart at 8 pm that night for my new calling...1st counselor in Stake Young Womens...I'm so excited for this new calling as well! I had a meeting afterwards to discuss upcoming Senior Hike and Youth Conference.

Wed...the only clear day on my calendar for the entire month of April, but as it turns out it wasn't clear. I decided to work on the girls' bathroom, turned out sooo cute! One project down...many more to go!

Bishop Talbot called and wanted to meet with the new bishopric and their wives that evening. It was neat getting together with them, each one of them discussed how the spirit had warned them of the new calling and each of them denying it. Crazy how the spirit works??? of the craziest days of the week! Started laundry early (an all-day ordeal), went visiting teaching to two sisters that morning, glad I went! Went to Woodland to get the last few things to finish up the bathroom. K had t-ball practice at 3:30 (for an hour). I came home and started cleaning the house because tomorrow I'm going to Albuquerque with Mk's class, Saturday, I have a Women's Conference and family will start coming up. I was so into cleaning the house that I forgot K. At 5 her coach called me and when I saw her number on caller ID...holy cow! I had dinner almost ready to simmer so I could go to v-ball at 6. Jennifer said she would take her to her house and I could pick her up there. After I picked her up I went to Bashas to get a few things for the luncheon on Sunday. I got up to the cash register and I didn't have my wallet. It was by the computer because I just ordered my new camera. So she held my items while I went home to get my wallet. At 6, I went to v-ball and played two games, got home about 8 and R left for his basketball game. He had the girls in bed, so I finished the cleaning! Whew, glad that day is over!

Fri...woke up at 4:30 to get ready to catch the bus which was leaving at 6 am for Albuquerque. Mk was excited that I was going with her, I had alot of fun too. The busride was very long...4 hours-ish to get there. When we finally got there it was really neat! I'm glad I got to spend one-on-one time with her, we had a great day! To the zoo first then to the Science Center with dinosaurs and space stuff. The zoo wore me out, maybe it was the early morning, I don't know, but we watched a 45-minute dinosaur movie and those of you that know me, yep I fell asleep. Movies and I don't get along, I always fall asleep!

Mk found her long lost family...jk!

The polar bears were a hit!

Had to take the camel ride. It made me think of people riding camels for long periods of time, pretty bumpy!

Mk holding a king snake and loving it!

When we got home Aunt Mame was here already. We love Aunt Mame! My niece, Kyia, told her mom that she wanted an "Aunt Mame." That pretty much sums up how we feel about Aunt Mame...we love you!

Sat...Ami and I went to Women's Conference. It was based on Sister Beck's talk Being Strong and Immovable by Family, Faith, and Relief. It was a very inspiring conference! Robert's sisters, Shamane and Lawana and her family were here. It is so fun to have cousins around to play with. The kids always have such a great time when they come...everyone has a buddy or two! My parents and grandparents came to support R tomorrow in his new calling! Lee and Allison also came.

Mom and dad (trying to get out of the picture).

Grandpa Joe

R...don't mess with him.

Sun...great day! Abbi and Dustin met us at church. They chaparoned Show Low's Prom last night and got home at 12:30 and up at 5. We all went to church to witness R getting his new calling. I know it will be hard to manage his time, but during the interview and in his setting apart they told him to keep his family as the priority. I know that our family will receive many blessings because of his service to the Lord. My testimony has grown five hense this past year with all the happenings we have gone through and continue to go through. I guess I have grown up and Heavenly Father thinks 30 is the magic age to teach me. We had a luncheon following church with all of our family! I love getting together. I forgot to take pictures of the day, except when we were all changing our clothes right after church, B got the fingernail polish and decided that Baby Brax wanted his nails painted. He loved it, I'm sure!

Brax showing off his bright red nails and B giving the I didn't do anything wrong look. Thanks to all of our family who show up to show your support, I know R appreciated it immensely!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Princess Ry Ry

One of Ry's favorite things to do is to play dress-up, isn't that for most little girls? Grammy went to Mesa this past weekend and came home with this cute little princess dress for the girls, however Ry has taken it over. Oh Little Miss Ry Ry with your hands upon your hips, you are a such a princess! You bring so much joy to our ya lots, Mom!

Isn't this the life...

having your hair your little girls! I guess that means he needs a haircut. Mk was scratching his head, then it turned into combing his hair, then rubberbands, I wish they would have gotten the! He was such a great sport, posing so willingly (as you can tell) while they took the pictures! I guess that's one thing he has to deal with having four little girls! He's such a terrific dad, he buys them little matching outfits or shoes any chance he gets, they love it when he babysits...always a party, and doing the chores...feeding the cows, horses, baby chicks, and pigs are always a hit with dad! He adores them about as much as they adore him! Sure love ya, Fred, thanks for all you put up with in the estrogen camp!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My first encounter...

with a large group and my stickers. Our ward did an Enrichment today at my house doing the FHE boards...Chore Charts...and a few other sayings. It was fun to get together, eat girl food and you know that's my passion, anything crafty! We had a good time, or I guess I should say I did! Thanks for coming girls!

Totally and entirely SCARY!!!

So today my friend called me about 2 pm and says that the Primary School had a lockdown today. A guy came into the school with a gun...holy cow, instant goosebumps. She called back a few minutes later and said that is was a woman with a gun. She had her kids had been taken away the night before and she said that she wanted them...

Ok, the real story...Mk brought a note home from school with the approximately 11:30 am this morning we had a incident take place at our Primary School that resulted in a lockdown. We had been notified by our local police department that a parent had made threatening statements the night before, which included the use of a firearem, and if the parent showed up to our campuses we were to call the police and go into a lockdown procedure. The parent did indeed show up at the Primary School, very upset over some personal family matters. A playground aide saw her and confronted her, and notified the office that she was on campus. The school immediately went into lockdown procedures in a 43-second time span in which all playgrounds were cleared. The police responded within minutes to apprehend the woman and remove her from our campus.

Wow!!! Who would have ever expected something like this in Eagar-ville. I guess that's what all schools that have had a gunman say. Still pretty scary, I'm glad that everything turned out the way it did.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Our first major crash...

was Mk at age 7 (oh Mame, I forgot about the stitches in St. Lou-dis). She was riding down the big hill by our house on her bike and lost control and sent her skidding across the pavement. K was with her and runs into the house saying that Mk had wrecked on her bike and her chin was really bleeding! So I was expecting the worst...stitches. While I was running over there Mike Colwell had stopped to help her up (Angie, tell Mike thanks again!) When I got over to her she was crying a little and had a nice strawberry on her chin. She was wearing a long sleeved shirt and long pants, that's the only thing that saved her knees and elbows (sorry mom her shirt has major holes in it now). When we got her washed off here's what she looked like...

PS...sorry for the crappy pictures. I'm getting a new camera soon, mine stinks!

Boy Number 4...

Heidi had her fourth little boy. He looks alot like Peyton, one of her twins. She named him Gunner. Congrats Heidi, he sure is a doll!

Gymnastics Recital...

was Saturday night. It was good to see the girls performing their talents. I love gymnastics it brings back lots of good memories...seeing Mary Lou...and her car...bake sales at Pima Market...our grouchy, yet good gymnastics teacher...performing at the schools and at EA. I am glad that I was in gymnastics when I was young it helped develop me into what I am. Anyways, the girls each performed with their classes in a Wild, Wild West theme.

Mk...cartwheels, round-offs, and front walkover with help

K...beginning cartwheels and all kinds of front and back rolls

Ry...front rolls, straddle rolls, and back rolls with help

B...she has mastered the front roll wishes she was in gym-next year!

They all did really good and all received a TROPHY!!! A big thanks to Merrilea and all her help for the time and effort they put into the program. Great job, girls!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Gotta try...

the new recipe I made from my new book. These were great!

April Fools was a day too early...

because yesterday was a very crazy day...actually it started on April Fools Day! Ry & B didn't take their nap until 3:00, therefore B didn't wake up until about 5, resulting in a 10 pm bedtime. They kept playing and talking until 10. The next morning up at 6:30...yikes!!! We were in the bathroom fixing Mk & K's hair when I noticed that they had lotion all over themselves and B even had it in her hair. We got the two oldest off to school and put them in the bath. In the meantime I start cleaning up the breakfast dishes. Next thing I know...holy cow...there is AJAX and Lime-a-way in the bath water with the two girls. I keep it under the sink, so I'm thinking that they looked under to get the bubbles and noticed these nice shiny and bright bottles and decided they would be fun to play with in the bath. After we got new water in and got them cleaned off the day was a bit better. Nothing like soft (lotioned), sparkly (AJAX) clean (Lime-a-way) kiddos to start off the morning.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


on the lawn. Yesterday I was watching three other kids besides my three that were home, so we had a picnic outside. It was a perfect day! I am hoping that it stays warm...who am I always gets cold again before the summer. Well we will take what we get.