Thursday, August 27, 2009

B's 1st day of Preschool...

was so fun!

She loves to play with kids and is looking forward to going to school with her good friend, Grayce.

Her teacher this year is Mrs. Kim Wiltbank. Have a good school year, Bean!

Monday, August 24, 2009

9 years ago today...

there was a splash on the floor where R was sleeping. I told him "it won't stop!" My water broke and that was the beginnings of little Boogie Woogie! She was everything that I wanted in a baby...dimples, curly hair, long eyelashes (long to me, isn't extremely long)!

Nine years later, she is still a little special somebody...I love you, Keek! She is a natural at babies, and is such a good helper with baby Ha-Ha. She has been infatuated with cooking since Kindergarten at least, when she would come home from school and watch Food Network and more specifically, Sandra Lee. Her favorite thing to cook at this point in her life is Chocolate Chip Cookie...dough. We love eating the dough as you can probably tell by all our little ponches! She likes to ride her bike and most of the time play with her sisters! She enjoys playing with her friends at school, our house, and their house's too. She loves it when she has Activity Days and is always calling the other girls to make sure that they are aware of the activity too. Grandma has said that she loves it when she calls and Keek answers the phone, because you are so excited and happy when she talks to you! You have such a sweet testimony...knowing of our role in the Plan of Salvation, that President Monson and Joseph Smith are prophets, and have a love for your family!

You play such a special part in our family...I'm glad that you are our oldest child! You are SO beautiful and care about how you look (even if it's not the pink that I want you to wear)! You will go very far in your life because you are such a responsible person! I hope that you continue to strive to be a good example to everyone around you! I sure love you very, very much!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

"911, what's your emergency..."

"Hello...hello...what's your name?"

I was in my bathroom getting ready and R who was on our bed said, "did someone knock?" Just then the doorbell rang, so I went to the front door and Officer Frazier was there and asked if everything was OK? "Yyyyyaaaa." He said that they had received six 911 calls within two minutes with a little kid on the line saying hello and asking what the dispatcher's name was. I told him that I was getting ready and they must have had the phone. I mentioned that I had never taught B to dial 911. He said that some phones now-a-days have an automatic emergency dial, so I thought that was what happened.

I called for B & Tylee (a girl I watch) to come down to the front room. Officer Frazier then asked them if they had been calling on the phone. B immediately said, "yeah mom, watch." She ran to get the phone and sure enough showed me...9-1-1-1. She dialed three ones. I was shocked that she even knew how to dial it. He then talked to them about the importance of dialing 911 only when someone is really hurt. They were actually a little nervous {or embarrassed} because B was kind of hiding behind my leg as he was talking to them. When he was leaving he laughed and said, "good Family Home Evening lesson for tonight."

I immediately went to the bedroom and told R what happened. He said, "I bet Tylee taught her that." I didn't think so, but after we started talking the both of them, B told us that Tylee told her to dial it.

I haven't ever taken the time to teach my kids to dial for help in an emergency fearing that this is what would happen. I assumed someone else would teach them, not knowing it would be a 4 year old.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

School 2009-2010...

Wow, school's starting again! It's such an exciting time for the girls, especially Ry this year as she is starting Kindergarten. Her teacher is Mrs. Benson (Mk & K have had her too...she's great!) K is in 1st grade and her teacher is Mrs. Oldham. Mk is in the fourth grade. Her homeroom teacher is Mrs. Prochnow, but they get to switch into four different classes Mrs. Quinlan, Mr. Sassarrini, and Mrs. Allred. She's really excited for that!

Good luck at school...Bean, H, and I will have fun at home!