Monday, April 7, 2008

Gymnastics Recital...

was Saturday night. It was good to see the girls performing their talents. I love gymnastics it brings back lots of good memories...seeing Mary Lou...and her car...bake sales at Pima Market...our grouchy, yet good gymnastics teacher...performing at the schools and at EA. I am glad that I was in gymnastics when I was young it helped develop me into what I am. Anyways, the girls each performed with their classes in a Wild, Wild West theme.

Mk...cartwheels, round-offs, and front walkover with help

K...beginning cartwheels and all kinds of front and back rolls

Ry...front rolls, straddle rolls, and back rolls with help

B...she has mastered the front roll wishes she was in gym-next year!

They all did really good and all received a TROPHY!!! A big thanks to Merrilea and all her help for the time and effort they put into the program. Great job, girls!!!

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Ashlee Draper said...

Cute girls Marci! I love to watch Raynee at gymnastics too. Her first show is next month, and I can't wait!