Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Do two year olds have dreams???

YEP!!! B came into my bedroom and we had this little conversation at 3 am.

B: Mom, there is a real dog outside.
Mom: What???
B: There is a real dog outside and it's looking through my window.

She wasn't crying or anything, so I layed her in bed with me and when we got up the next morning I was walking ahead of her and when she got to her door she said with the most serious face, "mom come here. The dog was looking in that window {pointing to the west window}." So I acted concerned and we looked out the dog.

As I was getting Mk's hair done I was telling her what had gone on that morning and she started laughing, so when B came in she asked her about it and found out that it was a nice, white dog! Then I told her that when my sister was little she had a dream that an elephant came into her room and gave her a sucker, so we had to call her an laugh about that story! FUN TIMES...I hope that we remember these little funny stories and can bring them up every now-and-then while the kids are growing up!

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csrussell said...

I remember that dream wasn't it Ami that the elephant gave her a sucker?