Saturday, January 15, 2011

Are you kidding me...

R & I went to Snowflake with the youth for baptisms.  They ended up not needing me, so I decided I might not have time to do a session, therefore I did initiatory.  It was a great evening!  I love the temple!

After we left the temple, we needed to run and pick up a few things from Walmart.  We got all we needed, and on our way out I called Mk and her friend who had stayed home with the girls to make sure things were still under control.  She said that all the girls were asleep...good job!

About 15 minutes later she called me and said that they {she & her friend, Bry} were bored.  I told them to play the Wii...they didn't want to do that, I told them to go run up the hill...they didn't want to do that either.  R heard our conversation and being the sarcastic person he is told them to punch each other in the face.  Of course they said, "No way!"

A bit later they called and said that they had punched each other and Bry had a bruise on her cheek.  Whatever?!?

When we walked in the door {30 minutes later} they were both sitting on the couch and Bry had a cloth over her face with a very sober face, and Mk was just laying there.  They did punch each other...I didn't know what to say.  I put some bags in the kitchen as R walked in and asked Bry to see her face.  She DID have a bruise.  They both were still not giggling or anything...maybe they did???


He said, "Keek, did you really punch her?"

She said, "Yes" and I think Mk knew that she was going to get beat-down-cookie, so they started to laugh and said they had put makeup on her.

See it on her cheek bone?  Ok, these two are in fifth grade.  I would still think that they would put on this huge bruise all over her cheek.  It looked soooo real!  I guess it stinks when your kids start thinking like adults and knew that a huge bruise wouldn't look real.  Crazy girls!

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doodlebug said...

That's funny! I'm stil laughing and laughing! I guess they showed Robert!