Saturday, January 8, 2011

Great weekend...

with Abbi and her kiddos.  We didn't do one constructive thing.  Usually when we get together we have some sort of plan to do something crafty...nope.   Friday night we did make Scotcheroos for treats, low and behold we weren't quick enough and noticed that there was some no-hand eating going on in the kitchen.



Aren't they cute, even with messy faces?

Saturday was pajama day...for Abbi and I, but the kids just weren't having it.  They kept on asking what they could do.  Finally, I told them to find a carrot, some rocks, a scarf, and a hat...yep you got it, go make a snowman.  They were trying, but the snow wasn't sticky enough.

Oops, looks like Ry is getting ready to throw the head at someone.

Paybacks are the pits.  Braxer hanging on to the carrot.

Funny how when they are small we get them all bundled up to play in the snow and it lasts a grand total of five minutes.  They had a five minute snowman attempt, then an hour long snowball fight...great times!!!

Thanks for comin' over and spending the weekend.  Pajama Day's are the best!!!!!

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