Friday, January 14, 2011

H's 2nd Birthday

She had a wonderful day!!! Being the baby of the family she definitely is an attention getter, so today she got double the attention and loved every minute of it!

I guess we had a breakfast party {not on purpose}. We had pancakes, then all the girls brought in the gifts that they got for her and that's when the party started. Yeah for the pancake maker...Keek! Guess they were good!


She has been the one of my girls that has loved baby dolls. When she finally understood what this menagerie of baby goods was...she loved it!

My father-in-law always says that she takes after me in drama. She is always making the "OOOOoooo" noise and raising her eyebrows in surprise I guess like I do. Couldn't tell ya, never seen myself do it, but if I'm as cute as her when she does it I guess I don't mind.

Ha-Ha has the cutest, curly, blonde hair, so B decided that she wanted to get her these headbands. Don't know if they were so much for H, or for B and her new haircut! But they are cute anyways and looks like H knows exactly what they are for!

Everyone always has to get an outfit or two for their b-day. This year it's a purple shirt and jeans.

Someone help her out...she's "crackin' it!" Who remembers these toys? The things you sit on and spin. Oh the dizziness begins...

Who's been teachin' this babe how to tip the bottle?

And the daddy prize wins!!! She needs her legs to grow a few inches to get the full use of the pedals, however Ry helps her out and they love it! It was officially an outside toy after about 20 minutes of riding it in the kitchen.

HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY Ha-Ha!!!!! We sure love ya and your outgoing personality makes everyone around you fall in love with you too! Thanks for mending our are such a joy!!!

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Katrina said...

Wow, I can't believe she's already two! What a cutie--and I love her hair too!