Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First day of new schools...

both the girls were going to new schools this year. I think that Mk was more nervous than K. I've decided that Mk is strong-willed and independent, however she is reserved and gets a little nervous when there is change! Mk is going into third grade this year and into the Intermediate school. Her teacher is Mrs. Hardy!

K, on the other hand was so ready to go and play! She is in Kindergarten and she has the same teacher that Mk had...Mrs. Benson...we love her! She has many friends in her class that she already knew so that makes it nice!

My mom came over on Tuesday night and stayed the night to see them off on their first day of school! It was fun!



Candace said...

Your girls are getting SOOOOO big! They look so adorable in their new school outfits. Love MK's glasses!

Clint said...

Cute pictures Marci! Your girls look as adorable as ever!