Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mk's 8 year old photoshoot

I can't believe that it was eight years ago that I went into my regular doctor's appointment--with three weeks to go--and the nurse checked my blood pressure, then came back and checked it, Dr. Johanson came in and checked it, went in to get an ultrasound, then later Dr. Johanson said that I was to go home, stay in bed for two days until I was 37 weeks and then they would induce me because of hypertension and toxemia. It was my first so I was extremely scared! Everything ended up perfect! My little girl with dimples, blonde, curly hair and green eyes that I could primp and play with!

Now she's eight and such a great person! She loves to help out doing dishes and cleaning bathrooms. She is such a great helper with her little sisters...I'm glad she is the oldest! We love her sooo much!!!

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theobers said...

She's sure growing up and looking so beautiful!