Monday, March 10, 2008

Ry's 4th birthday!

The invitation...

which was a Park Party. I got a bit nervous because it snowed yesterday, but today was perfect. We invited a few friends and had fun playing at the park, then we cooked and ate hotdogs...just what every kid loves...enough to just kick off your shoes and enjoy the day!

opened gifts...

and ate cupcakes.

I always think that four-year old birthday parties are so cute, because they understand the friend thing and that the friends gave them the gifts. I don't know about boys, but girls are excited with just about anything! It was cute to see her so excited for every gift! Happy birthday Ry-Ry...sure love ya and your cute little self!

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bigelowfamily said...

Thanks, Marcy! That was Nathan's first "friend" party and he had so much fun. We've played with the "twirly thing" all day!