Saturday, March 8, 2008

The BIG 31...

Happy Birthday, Robert!!! R always gives me the most thoughtful gifts and I can never think of anything original for him, so I actually thought about something this year. I kept debating whether have a surprise party or not...finally I decided that we never go out by ourselves, so he was stuck with me tonight. I had a dinner reservation at his favorite restraunt...Molly Butler's. Then I had talked to my friend who works up there and gotten a room for the night in Greer. When we got there to eat they had decorated a table just for him...thanks Nancy! He always gets the "Robert Haws Prime Rib" which is a 2-2 1/2 inch piece of rare meat. He loves it...I have to admit it is pretty good! He got an extra special birthday dinner, he said that it was probably the biggest piece that he had ever gotten. While we were there I ran into my best friend from high school, Kanani. Her and her husband came up to go snowboarding and came in to eat. It was so good to see them! Anyways I had this big plan of surprising him with a great night out alone. When they brought the bill they had the key inside. He saw it and looked a bit confused at first then I said we are going to stay here for the night. At first he thought that was totally ridiculous that we were staying 15 minutes from home. After we watched the Suns until halftime we went to the room. It was pretty nice to have a night without kiddos, however we were home by 7 am. Hope you had a great birthday, Fred! I love you!!!!

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