Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Remember I'm from Eagar...

and I have just recently heard of blogging. I decided since alot of my family & friends are not close I would share some of our day to day happenings with you.

Just this morning I was reading the Church News talking about an Attitude of Graditude and President Eyring states that he once "heard in his mind--not in my own voice--these words: 'I'm not giving you these experiences for yourself. Write them down.'" Hope you enjoy!!!

PS...incase you didn't get it? The Haws Hawse (house). Pretty clever huh?


ui said...

hi marci love the blog...awesome!! have a wonderful day and take care, love ya, UI

Mandy said...

Hey Marci~ Didn't know you had this addiction too! I just started so we'll have to write back and forth. Me and Angie wanna take you to luch next week K!