Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy ???th Birthday

Well we had a successful weekend, however I forgot my camera and I emailed myself some pictures from my mom's and they didn't work very well. I will get a CD and post the pictures later. We had such a great time though. My mom and I stayed up until 2 am waiting for the chicken, Heidi fell asleep in the chair with one of the twins. On Saturday the kids played outside...riding the four wheeler, playing with trucks and dirt. We had fun!

Well today is my dad's birthday and I thought that I would post some of the great things that he has taught me though the years, and still continues to teach me.

1. Hard work never hurt anyone.
2. Respect people.
3. Family is very important.
4. Support your children in all they do.
5. Have fun and enjoy life!

I love my dad and I am thankful that he is my dad! We have a great relationship and I feel that I can go to him for anything! He, my mom, and Robert were at the hospital for the entire week that I was there. It's great to have such a dedicated and supportive family just to be there meant so much!

I love you dad and Happy Birthday!!!

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Candace said...

What a great tribute to your dad!