Monday, August 24, 2009

"911, what's your emergency..."

"Hello...hello...what's your name?"

I was in my bathroom getting ready and R who was on our bed said, "did someone knock?" Just then the doorbell rang, so I went to the front door and Officer Frazier was there and asked if everything was OK? "Yyyyyaaaa." He said that they had received six 911 calls within two minutes with a little kid on the line saying hello and asking what the dispatcher's name was. I told him that I was getting ready and they must have had the phone. I mentioned that I had never taught B to dial 911. He said that some phones now-a-days have an automatic emergency dial, so I thought that was what happened.

I called for B & Tylee (a girl I watch) to come down to the front room. Officer Frazier then asked them if they had been calling on the phone. B immediately said, "yeah mom, watch." She ran to get the phone and sure enough showed me...9-1-1-1. She dialed three ones. I was shocked that she even knew how to dial it. He then talked to them about the importance of dialing 911 only when someone is really hurt. They were actually a little nervous {or embarrassed} because B was kind of hiding behind my leg as he was talking to them. When he was leaving he laughed and said, "good Family Home Evening lesson for tonight."

I immediately went to the bedroom and told R what happened. He said, "I bet Tylee taught her that." I didn't think so, but after we started talking the both of them, B told us that Tylee told her to dial it.

I haven't ever taken the time to teach my kids to dial for help in an emergency fearing that this is what would happen. I assumed someone else would teach them, not knowing it would be a 4 year old.


Mandy said...

Hey at least you know it works now:) That is a good idea for family night!

Thueson Family :) said...

That is hilarious!!! :)

Lawana said...

Glad I'm not the only one with sheriffs at my door. And yes, it was a 4 year old at my house that did it too!

The Rory and Alexa Finch Family said...

LOL-So maybe Tylee wont be a teacher like her mom if they were dialing 3 1's. So did you use that for Family Night?

Dorlene said...

I bet there aren't too many families in town that haven't had that visit...I did years ago and I think the kids were 3 or 4. Must be the age.

Candace said...

This is one of the few things my kids have never done. Knock on wood. I was so sure Michael would have pulled something like this. lol At least you know Officer Frazier!