Monday, February 11, 2008

Me, my mom & my sis...

and 5 of the kiddos met in Show Low to shop. I am trying to finish up Ry & B's room. I needed one twin mattress set, 2 bed frames, baseboard, material for bedskirts and curtains. I got all but one thing...the mattresses. I am excited to get their room done I will post pictures when it's finished...cute, cute, cute! We had fun shopping and eating. We stopped at Little Cesears for the $5 pizza, pizza, pizza. Thanks mom and Ab for the great day I had fun!!!

As I was taking Mk to school...
M...Mk your lips look alot better! (She's had really chappy lips)
Mk...Thanks, I put lipgloss on, but I just wish this virus would go away. (She's got a cold sore)
M...LOL...How do you know it's a virus?
Mk...When we studied the human body, Mr. Hammond told us that cold sores were viruses.
M...Well he is right!!!

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Mandy said...

Little smarty pants! Kids are so funny. So where do you guys have land? I didn't know you were talking about building! Take your time, it's not fun building in the winter. Our guys showed up today so it's officially started, yay! Did your get your computer problem fixed yet?